Brook Calverley, Jul 28,2016

Traditional retailers looking at their store network could be forgiven for seeing little more than an expensive liability. Bad property deals and unsustainable rents have triggered some of the biggest high-street failures in recent years (think Woolworths, HMV, BHS). Retailers trying to manage the twin challenges of big fixed costs and high

Doug Hewett, Jul 22,2016

The What-A-Melon brand has been on quite a journey in 2016. This new brand has entered the highly competitive drinks market with a splash (pun intended) winning the Virgin Voom 2016 competition - in association with Crowdfunder. As part of the process they raised over £111,000 and were a

Doug Hewett, Jul 21,2016

As a member of YCN (You Can Now) we are privileged to support and contribute to the community. Our most recent event saw me join Rachel Waller, Global Director of Online Communications at Farfetch on a panel — sharing insights into h