Hanni Randell-Bateman, May 28,2019

Our guests gathered in the Groucho Club for our latest breakfast club to listen to wagamama’s People Director, Thomas Heier, reveal the magic behind the casual dining restaurant. Before we start, it’s worth saying that wagamama has been a true passion project for us. Not part of the project team myself, reports back from the team – about a truly unique c

Brook Calverley, May 14,2019

Following a three year culture-change programme, we are absolutely delighted that AIB UK and People-Made have been shortlisted for the Leading Transformation category at the HR Excellence awards!  The work was designed to galvanise and re-energise the business and radically shift behaviours and mindset. We had to tackle some major and dee

Lauren Purnell, Apr 03,2019

The shift in focus from offline to online has defined the retail landscape in recent years. With the digitalisation of the industry making it easy to buy everything we want and need online, the role of bricks and mortar stores has become less about being a place of purchase, and more around the immersive and social experiences that aren’t as easily replicated o

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