Emily Castle, Aug 29,2019

The latest Code of Governance comes with new and greater demands on Leadership Boards – especially when it comes to measuring company culture. Not only do you need a clearly defined and activated culture strategy, but now you need to assess and monitor it’s performance too. Measuring company culture is something we’ve done

Emily Castle, Aug 13,2019

Last week a group of brand and HR leaders from some of the best brands gathered at Wagamama noodle labs in Dean Street, an innovation kitchen where they test everything from their menu to their uniform and new technology. All sat on one long table, filled with bowls of noodles (and a few cocktails), we discussed what it takes to be authenticall

Emily Castle, Jul 09,2019

A few weeks ago, we hosted our fourth Brand Culture Sessions event in our usual favourite spot at Shoreditch House. This time round we had the pleasure of hearing from two brilliant panellists, Jess Lonsdale, from Virgin Media and Seetal Bhatti, from BT Technology. Once our guests were suitably refreshed with a great selection of nibbles and drinks, Brook invi

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