Brook Calverley , Mar 08,2018

Defying Siberian weather an intrepid group of guests gathered in The Library at Shoreditch House on Thursday 1st March for the second in our series of Brand Culture Sessions. What followed was a brilliant panel debate with Amy Sawbridge (until recently Brand Director and Head of People Strategy at Virgin Group) and Claire Bergkamp

Brook Calverley , Feb 15,2018

Last year we worked with Virgin Atlantic on their EVP and People Strategy - helping them make the business as 'red on the inside' as it is on the outside. We got a fascinating insight into a brilliant brand facing massive change and the challenge of re-engaging colleagues around what that brand means. At our last breakfast club we caught up with Matt Stewart,

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Brook Calverley , Dec 08,2017

Way back in 2016 we started looking for a conference or event we could contribute to: somewhere we could connect up the three worlds of Brand, Culture, and Service, look at how the customer service proposition is really driven by culture, how brands were being created from the inside out.... We couldn’t find anything in Europe at all, and only a few in the U