Brook Calverley , May 04,2018

Told off by a client last week. I was describing the intro for a leadership session we were planning. We'll start with context, I said. “A time of disruption. New and ever stronger competition. A time of constant change....” “Can we not?" she asked. "Because - it's always a time of change." She was right of course. Change has just become part of

Brook Calverley , Apr 20,2018

Purpose, past - When leisurewear brand Patagonia finally cracked the formula for a plastic-free wetsuit, they did something extraordinary.... Founded on a passion for climbing and surfing, Patagonia had been built from the start with an absolute commitment to reducing environmental impact. The business had long sought to create wetsuits tha

Brook Calverley , Mar 08,2018

Defying Siberian weather an intrepid group of guests gathered in The Library at Shoreditch House on Thursday 1st March for the second in our series of Brand Culture Sessions. What followed was a brilliant panel debate with Amy Sawbridge (until recently Brand Director and Head of People Strategy at Virgin Group) and Claire Bergkamp