Brook Calverley , Dec 12,2018

Last Tuesday evening we kicked off the party season with the third in our series of Brand Culture Sessions. Inspired by the classic chat show format, we gathered a few of our experts on a comfy sofa in The Library at Shoreditch House and, in front of a 60-strong audience, chatted around all things Brand Culture. First up, our co-founder Doug kicked off the con

Doug Hewett, Nov 13,2018

The best brands in the world all have one thing in common – they live and breathe their purpose and brand promise, inside and out. This is their ‘brand culture’. Much more than just a great company culture, a true brand culture connects your employee experience with your customer experience, and ensures that it’s all pointing towards your purpose as a n

Emily Castle, Nov 07,2018

...FOUR-DAY WEEKS, HYPER-FLEXIBILITY AND THE EVER-GROWING IMPORTANCE OF SOFT SKILLS The Guardian ran a story this week about firms moving to a four-day week, in order to boost productivity and well-being (the UK has the unhappy combination of both long hours and low output). This got us thinking about the other changes that might be coming