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Brook Calverley , Dec 08,2017

Way back in 2016 we started looking for a conference or event we could contribute to: somewhere we could connect up the three worlds of Brand, Culture, and Service, look at how the customer service proposition is really driven by culture, how brands were being created from the inside out.... We couldn’t find anything in Europe at all, and only a few in the U

Brook Calverley , Nov 15,2017

During our recent Breakfast Club we hosted a discussion led by Sasha Hardman, Global HRD Allen & Overy and David McCormack, HR Director for Allied Irish Bank. It was a fascinating session, with great insights around how to encourage new ways of working in complex and challenging environments. One of the biggest topics to emerge was the importance of

Julia Bland, Feb 02,2017

Not an email title I receive often. Immediately intrigued, I read on and soon discover that I’m getting a sneak peek into the Hanoi factory that Seattle-born brand ‘Girlfriend Collective’ uses to create its new take on ethical, socially responsible sportswear. Black leggings to be precise. Each pair of which is made by 14 pairs of hands and eyes and is crea