Julia Bland, Feb 02,2017

Not an email title I receive often. Immediately intrigued, I read on and soon discover that I’m getting a sneak peek into the Hanoi factory that Seattle-born brand ‘Girlfriend Collective’ uses to create its new take on ethical, socially responsible sportswear. Black leggings to be precise. Each pair of which is made by 14 pairs of hands and eyes and is crea

Denise Chan, Aug 26,2016

What does that mean? It means your brand is defined by what it does, not what it says. There are many different sayings in the world that reflect this truth – ‘Leaders should walk the talk, not just talk the talk.’ Or my favourite, ‘you’re only as good as your last hit record’.  But how does this apply to

Doug Hewett, Aug 22,2016

Magic circle law firms have long benefitted from being part of an elite group, but as the legal industry goes through seismic shifts, it’s the law firms outside the magic circle stand to gain the most – if  they can differentiate themselves… Rapid technological change, innovative new business models and changing client