Brook Calverley, Feb 23,2016

“Branding isn’t a team sport, Alexena”, replied my client, when I asked who else needed to see our brand ideas.   At the time, some years ago, I found her confidence intoxicating. She was the CEO and clearly accustomed to getting what she wanted. I nodded, wide-eyed and tight-lipped, noting her definitive words. If faced with

Doug Hewett, Jan 28,2016

Being on the panel at Fashion Digital London yesterday really brought it home for me - the industry (and e-commerce in particular) is doing great things to fix the functionality and technical requirements behind delivering 'seamless', but there's much more we need to do in making that different or unique. Partly it'

Brook Calverley, Dec 10,2015

A room full of employer branding experts. With the author of the very term ‘employer branding’; listening to case studies about employer brands, for HR and comms professionals - who want to create employer brands. This is not going to be a popular sentiment: but I don’t think we should try to create employer brands. Each of us works f

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