Brook Calverley, May 14,2019

Following a three year culture-change programme, we are absolutely delighted that AIB UK and People-Made have been shortlisted for the Leading Transformation category at the HR Excellence awards!  The work was designed to galvanise and re-energise the business and radically shift behaviours and mindset. We had to tackle some major and dee

Lauren Purnell, Apr 03,2019

The shift in focus from offline to online has defined the retail landscape in recent years. With the digitalisation of the industry making it easy to buy everything we want and need online, the role of bricks and mortar stores has become less about being a place of purchase, and more around the immersive and social experiences that aren’t as easily replicated o

Doug Hewett and Emily Castle, Jan 09,2019

New year, new trends! Prepare for a new dawn as soft skills become as important as tech skills and Gen Z joins the working population. Here’s a look ahead to some of the key trends that are emerging from the partners and clients that we work with. Some have been bubbling under for a bit, but 2019 is set to be the year when they become a headline priority.